Fear VS Disruption: the illuminating bridge for trust industrialisation mass adoption.

By Cometoland Productions

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Featured on the Docuseries

Xavier Molina

Marketing & PR - Iberia at Binance

Daniel Valdes

ED at Nexxyo Labs and CEO of BambooDefi

Frederic Fernandez

Co-Founder & CMO at DEXTools.io

Miko Matsumura

General Partner at Gumi Ventures

Adam Back

Founder of Blockstreamq

Emilie Allaert

Head of Operations & Projects at LHoFT

Alejandro Regojo

Blockchain consultant

Jerry Cuomo

IBM Fellow, VP, CTO IBM Automation

Juan Otero

Co-founder & CEO of Travala.com

Ignacio García

Senior Technical DEXtools.io

Juwan Lee

Blockain, Fintech, Entertaiment, Investor

Pongrapee Buranasompob

CEO at leadership Focus Institue

Vinny Lingham

Co-founder & CEO of Civic.com

Zachary Kelman

Co-founder & CEO of Civic.com

Kevin Murko

Founder & CEO of Coinmetro

Makoto Takemiya

Co-founder & CEO of Soramitsu

Joshua Ashley Klayman

Founder of Inflection Point Blockchain Advisors

Rafael Schultz

CEO Blockchainpunk Labs

Dr. Chris Kacher

Co-Founder at TriQuantum Technologies OÜ

Krzysztof Gagacki

Co-founder of IOVO

Michael Gaio

Founder, Mythic Systems | Philosopher, Technologist, Artist

Ilya Radionovski

Co-Founder of Futurama Blockchain Innovators

Joshua Hong

Co-Founder of Futurama Innovators

Juan Llanos

Expert in FinTech, Blockchain and Regulation

Michael Nye

Blockchain specialist.

Muhammad Salman Anjum

Managing Director of Avantas Tech Accelerator

Neyma Jahan

Founder & CEO of Unification Foundation

Pepe Moreno

Founder & CEO of Beach Head

Piers Ridyard

CEO at Radix

Stewart Rogers

Co-founder of Badass Empire

About The Docuseries

Bring the vision and discussion of thousands of decentralized repositories to the big screen.

Going through banking, identity, and assets to share how Blockchain industrializes trust versus the incumbents that are still “trust artisans” and will be disrupted.

The first season includes ten initial chapters (episodes), with each focused on a different particular Blockchain use case. It features some of the most known faces within the space, including Adam Back, Vinny Lingham, Alexis Yellow, and Alejandro Regojo among many others.




A new paradigm: blockchain teconology
Coming soon



Finance CryptocurrencyDecentralised FinancesCEXStable CoinsMassive adoption
Coming soon



Business Everyday life applications: Tourism (travel agency) and Real Estate
Coming soon



Social Blockchain Community Mining / Proof of WorkOther ways of mining
Coming soon



Finance Retail bankingWealth ManagementWallets and cashiersMassive adoption
Coming soon



Business Project financing & AdministrationSupply chainTraceability / Proof of Stake
Coming soon



Social Identity management / Proof of existenceCBDCPublic AdmService wallets
Coming soon



Finance Treasury functions: personal, banking, companies and public administration
Coming soon



Business ¿To be or not to be Blockchain? Legal and other ServicesPros & Cons
Coming soon



Social Laws & RegulationBlockchain ISOOnline votingMassive adoption

CBK Token




Blockchain research & documentation


Thailand shooting


USA Shooting


Montenegro shooting


Andorra shooting



Hong Kong shooting


México shooting


VOD platform sign (Confidential)


ERC20 deployment +Private Sale



Release CBK Whitepaper (v1.0)


VOD Platform Premier (Chapter #1)


Uniswap V3 (Public Sale)


The Yellow Dapp Deployment


Chapter #2 #3 #4


Chapter #5 #6 #7


Release CBK Whitepaper (v2.0)


Chapter #8 #9 #10



Update Roadmap 2022 (v2.0)

The producer

Cometoland productions

Cometoland productions is a leading independent, integrated film production company based in Andorra. We offer a wide range of services including film production public and private, consultation, design, digital, advertising, marketing, audiovisual, planning & strategy.

The company works for a diverse range of private, public and third sector clients and has specialist teams for it. Built on an integrated model from the start. Clients can choose stand-alone services or integrated programmes from our productions experts.

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